In the Valley...on the Stream...near the forest! Yes, this line exactly defines the locality of camp 5friendss. Easily accessible by just 6 hrs drive from Delhi and 1.5 hrs from Dehradun at the altitude of 7500 feet from sea level, camp 5friendss is an exceptional name in the camping because of it’s fully dedicated young, energetic and experienced team members.

The Best of Camping in Dhanaulti Near Delhi

Camp 5friendss: The serene and divine surroundings will definitely take you to the brand new world of adventure camping in Dhanaulti near Delhi, Dehradun, and Mussoorie lies in Dhanaulti tehsil. Let us start to describe the fascinating beauty of campsite and the location itself.

Camp 5friendss offers an absolutely plain land surrounded by hills, rich dense forest and the most attractive an absolute crystal clear water stream that is beautifully and naturally decorated by rocks flowing at the side of camp’s premises with a melodious sound. If you want to experience some more excitement on your stay in a hill camp then our campsite can be a great and reasonable substitute of Dhanaulti hotels for all those visitors out there looking for a perfect destination for camping in Dhanaulti near Delhi NCR.

Camp 5friendss is located at Manj gaon village (Marora Pul) close to one of the most popular stretch for camps near Delhi i.e. Dhanaulti and Kanatal, where tourism footfall is increasing day by day and has reached approximately on saturation stage. Although carrying capacity is also increasing, however, the demand for unexplored camping spots always remains stabled in terms of new tourism destinations for travel and holiday enthusiast. We are lucky enough to explore such a new location that is perfectly fit for the camping activity into the hills. Its full credit goes to the fantastic beauty that is still in the virgin and unexplored form.

However, the entire Uttarakhand is blessed with the wonderful beauty but when it comes to the camping in Uttrakhand, then three important things does matter i.e. serene atmosphere, effortless accessibility to the destination even at offbeat and excellent service. We proudly say that we are blessed with all these things and it makes us different from others in the world of adventure camping in India.

Romance begins from the heart and converts into the devotion after taking inspiration from nature’s beauty. Yes, you would really find a natural environment to take a pure romantic dip under the sky of opportunity to express directly from the bottom of your heart at the camp 5friendss because of the five elements of nature that govern our lives spread across at one of this best adventure camps near Dhanaulti and Dehradun. The peaceful and calm environment will be definitely able to overcome all your worries and you will get an unforgettable camping experience with the near and dear ones. Whenever you exhausted with your day-to-day working life in a metro city like Delhi and NCR, it is necessary to get your energy back. So we strongly recommend you to find us as one of the best service providers for camping in Dhanaulti near Delhi and forget all your worries in a spectacular holiday spot.

Generally, hill camping sites located at the downhill or uphill as you would have experienced before, but this time instead of high altitude hills you can have easy accessibility to the campsite. Travelers and tourists can easily reach camp 5friendss even in peak winter season when the main Mussoorie-Chamba road closes due to snowfall. We are still in a completely safe place, despite being in the middle of the snowfall zone.

Healthy and cool weather throughout the year makes this destination perfect for camping and adventure activities even for outdoor sports which you cannot indulge in at different hill camps near Delhi, sited close to the capital city of Uttrakhand i.e. Dehradun due to sloppy staircase surface.

Have you ever imagined that how much fun you could get in playing cricket at a place surrounded by hills? We are giving this opportunity at our camp near Kanatal at Manj gaon village. You could play many outdoor sports and fun games such as volleyball, cricket, badminton etc which is generally not offered by other camping sites located in the same sloppy region during your stay in Kanatal camps or Dhanaulti camps.

We are available for welcoming you at the reception throughout the year. Whatever the weather, if your mind is also knocking to spend some pleasant time in beautiful natural terrain, then go out with your luggage to one of the best sites for camping in Dhanaulti near Delhi that is popularly known as "camp 5friendss".

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